What's On

Friends of Houghton Hall Park - Overgrown Management


Check establish paths and desire lines for encroaching vegetation and removing as necessary to improve access and aesthetic quality. 

BugLab - The Greensand Trust


Join The Greensand Trust in their BugLab activity these coming school holidays!

Read more here.

Friends of Houghton Hall Park - Tree Sapling Removal


Remove saplings of woody species from the newly seeded meadow extensions to prevent scrub succession and the degradation of this new grassland habitat. 

Friends of Houghton Hall Park - Lime Tree Epicormic Growth Cut


Give the Lime trees adjacent to the car park their annual “short back and sides”. This practice betters the aesthetic of the entrance to the park and well as stopping the growth getting beyond the point of straight forward management.

Houghton Regis Heritage Society


Join the heritage group for another historic town history walk

Friends of Houghton Hall Park - Nest Box Survey


Checking the Nest Boxes installed in the park once the nesting season has concluded. Monitoring which Boxes have been occupied and determining what by as well as checking for any repairs necessary.

Friends Of Houghton Hall Park - Hazel Coppicing


Continue upon previous efforts to enhance the Parks woodlands by carrying out this historic management technique. Improve woodland wildflower diversity and woodland age structure. 

Friends of Houghton Hall Park - Hazel Coppicing and Christmas Celebration


Keep an age old woodland management practice alive by carrying out Hazel Coppicing in the Park. Also, enjoy hot drinks and Mince Pies courtesy of the Ranger before we take our Christmas Break from the schedule!